20 Years: Producer. Creative. Animal Lover. Friend.

Becky FergusonWhen one Googles the definition of “passion,” Becky’s face should be the first item that pops up! For 20 years now, she has tirelessly and enthusiastically worked for KH in all matters of video/broadcast production. Though her official title reads Director, her dazzling skills on a shoot, and her speed and efficiency during post-production are more reflective of a Queen! She’s as wonderful as a person as she is at her job—anyone who’s had the pleasure of working with her would echo that sentiment.

Her love of and passion for all things production is only exceeded by her love of dogs! When anyone brings a four-legged friend to the office, Becky is the first one on the ground­—offering treats and belly rubs! The compassion that she shows her two dogs, Scout and Harper, is more than likely unmatched by any other dog enthusiast.

Becky by the NumbersBecky is as eager to offer her assistance, as she is to welcome a new furry friend to the office or to her home.  The wisdom she offers is invaluable to new employees and seasoned veterans alike. Over the years Becky has worked on over 200 projects, for different 20 clients in 12 different States.

In that time, anyone who’s been lucky enough to work with her knows that she approaches every project with the same enthusiasm as she did her very first project.

We’re grateful for her service, for her passion, and for her friendship. Thank you for your years of service, we can’t wait to see what the next 20 bring!

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Honoring Phil Karsh

This past week, one of our fearless founders, Phil Karsh, received the George Norlin Award from the University of Colorado Boulder. The award recognizes those dedicated to the betterment of society and their community through work in their chosen fields. We are inspired by Phil and his life’s work, and by his words from his acceptance speech, below. Thank you for sparking our “flame of a life-long love of (this) industry.”


 From Phil Karsh

Thank you.

To my wonderful wife, Linda Love, who nominated me for this honor.

I want to also express my love and admiration to my daughter, Jill, and my grandsons, Josh and Jesse.

There are also many lifetime friends and role-models in this room and many more who couldn’t be here. No names, ‘cause I don’t want to leave anyone out.

You know who you are…and I’m thankful you’re all here­­—although I do want to say a special “thanks for being here” to my brother, Sid and his wife, Diane, who flew out from California to be with us tonight.

(Like the others) I’ve been asked to focus a few remarks on the important role CU has played in my life. To that task, I am thankful my dismal GPA level, that hovered somewhere slightly above 2.O, did not determine my destiny.

At this point I would like my grandsons, Jesse and Josh who are sitting right over there—guys—you can NOT use this story to justify bad grades. Just keep that in mind, okay?

Although my academic experience at CU was not my finest hour, my involvement in campus life and its government is where my CU experience became a foundation for my career, my community involvement—and for my life.

As ad ASUC student council member it was a “welcome to the real world” experience where I learned:

  • The fine art of negotiation—the intricacies of working within a bureaucracy . . . and the value of teamwork.

As vice president of my fraternity I learned:

  • The importance of listening—the strength of networking—and the power of leadership to accomplish change.


As a founding member of a newly formed student book exchange, I had my first taste of:

  • Selling a product and an idea through advertising—something that fueled the flame of a life-long love of that industry.


I even learned from failure, for it was when a group of us were attempting to find solutions to the parking problem on the Hill, that I learned some problems may never get solved. But you don’t give up trying.


At CU, you could say I learned how to live my life.


To Chancellor DiStefano and the Alumni Association, thank you for this honor.


To my friends and family who are with me tonight to help celebrate this honor, I thank you for your love and support.


And to all of you, I thank you for being here tonight.



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Less Screen Time, More Sunshine


Starting in 2014, Karsh Hagan began creating a new name, logo, messaging and marketing materials to launch Be Colorado’s new kids’ health and fitness program that empowers child-led change within their families.


The brand that resulted was Brussels + Muscles.



What is Be Colorado? It is the wellness program for the CU Health Plan that encourages employees to work out and generally adopt healthier lifestyles. Brussels + Muscles is unique by focusing on the health of children for CU Health Plan members, ages 5 –11, using gaming, tracking and rewards to make sure kids are getting less screen time and more sunshine. By partnering with GeoPalz and ZisBoomBah, two leading kid’s fitness and nutrition programs, Be Colorado’s Brussels + Muscles program gives kids an exciting and fun way to measure their physical activity, learn about healthy food choices and develop healthy habits.


The program officially launched at the Denver Zoo last month and included a scavenger hunt, fun activities, face painting and giveaways.

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We’re very proud to have been recognized this year as an honorable mention at the 2014 Art Directors Club Denver awards for both Design: Broadcast and Design: Logo Development. We look forward to building the Brussels + Muscles brand and finding new and exciting ways to motivate children to lead healthy lives. We want to always keep it fresh. (After all who wants stale Brussels?)


For more information about Brussels + Muscles visit, www.brusselsandmuscles.org.


 By Tarryn Sanchez, Account Coordinator

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Meet the Fall ’14 Intern Heroes

The Fall '14 Interns




The Crimson Creative is known for his fearless design aesthetic and flawless Photoshop executions. As a former design student and AIGA member, the Crimson Creative conquers the digital realm with purpose and technique.


Matt is a recent college grad and newcomer to Colorado. He is an outdoorsman, jet-setter, and Renaissance man that spends his free time painting and playing basketball.


Kelsey Krebsbach




The Accounts Avenger has the ability to be in multiple places at once. She flies between departments in the blink of an eye and coordinates projects with efficiency and innovation.


Kelsey moved to CO when she was 11. You can usually find her lounging in a hammock or shredding the fresh mountain powder. She couldn’t survive without good music, yoga, and Colorado sunshine.




The Copy Kid is known for her abilities to spin words into gold. This top-secret copy specialist was trained at CU and has spent the last four years working undercover as a retail manager.


Allie is a Colorado native with a passion for shoes, the great outdoors, and all things nerdy. She adores the cold weather and is anxiously awaiting the first snow (and hockey season!)






The Communities Commander has the power to strategize effectively and take ideas to the next level. She trains diligently to sharpen her skill set and has garnered a dynamic and powerful range of abilities.


Tori is an advertising student at CU Boulder. This leisure artist spends her time outdoors, in the stands at sporting events, and hunting for Colorado’s best Mexican food.






The Marv Media Planner attained her superhero status at the University of Iowa. In her past life, she dedicated her time to several internships and student organizations. She now aims to use her powers as an intern hero.


Megan is a newly minted Coloradan fresh from Northwest Iowa. She is a giddy adventurer with an affinity for Snapchat selfies and uncovering Colorado’s best-kept secrets.


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