Tom Hagan on Mobile Advertising

I was in the office the other morning, when I heard two young birds talking about lunch, “Where do you want to go?”

“I dunno. Let’s look at our options.”

When I peeked over, I saw the two of them looking at a mobile phone. I thought, maybe I should get a fancier phone like that? I’m not too old.

Mobile Multitasking

This little listen of the younger generation made me think about how digital advertising is evolving due to the availability of mobile. The number of people seeking answers online is quickly shifting from desktop to mobile.

People have been watching more and more video content on their mobile devices, rather than on their computers. The latest Adobe Digital Video Report counted 35.6 billion online video plays last quarter, 25% of which came via mobile users.

According to Forward Push Media, mobile is expected to grow an astonishing 56% to $14.97 billion in 2014. This revolution is forcing advertisers to sharpen their mobile tools in order to reach a growing force of consumers on their hand-held devices.

It makes me wonder if advertisers are reaching them in a way that really speaks to them in these moments. Surrounded by the chaos of their day, relying on their trusty iPhone, it’s a great moment to deliver for them.

Post by: Tom Hagan, Founder, Karsh Hagan 37 Years Ago

Tom Hagan, Founder, Karsh Hagan 37 years ago


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Now Accepting Candidates for Fall-14 Internships

Our interns don’t bring us coffee or take lunch orders. At Karsh Hagan, they bring us innovative ideas and launch their careers to the next level. Our interns work with their own client to obtain firsthand experience in the industry.

Karsh Hagan offers the full suite of intern roles from Account Services to Social Media/Community Manager to Art Director, Designers, Developers, UX and everything in between + access to everyone on our KH team. So, it’s pretty rad.



  • 14 week term
  • Application deadline: August 15th
  • Start Date: September 15th
  • End Date: December 19th
  • Requires a minimum of 25 hours per week
  • Unpaid, but not un-loved. Course credit available

We are flexible when it comes to your weekly schedule as long as you meet the 25 hour requirement. Please provide us the days and times you are available during the week along with your resume. Karsh Hagan’s office is open from 8:30am-5:00pm Monday through Friday.

Account Services

Those in Account Service have a natural talent for leadership and management as the liaison between the clients and the creative team. You pump-up your team for the next project and make sure they hit every deadline. If you are a self-starter, go-getter, home run-hitter—this position is for you.

Skills and Talents Required:

  • Ability to lead/manage a team
  • Excellent skills in communication, organization, interpersonal relations, and writing
  • Proficient in iOS and Microsoft Suite
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Background in marketing, advertising, public relations, business or communication

Art Director

Art Directors take the lead in creativity. You’re a visual problem solver and an image centric think tank. If you pride yourself on developing inspiring narratives and bringing them to life, then this is your calling.

Skills and Talents Required:

  • Excellent skills in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator is required)
  • Aesthetic eye for creative work
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Other artistic skills or program knowledge a huge plus (After Effects, Flash, Photography, Physical art, etc.)
  • Experience in graphic design



You were the kid that created back-stories for everything and everyone—and you probably still do. Copywriters find the narrative behind every product or brand and give it an engaging voice. If you want to create hard-hitting headlines and charming copy, come to KH to sharpen your talents.

Skills and Talents Required:

  • Strong creative writing skills
  • Proficiency in editing and proofreading
  • Detail oriented
  • Excellent communication and presenting skills
  • Background in English, journalism, creative writing, communication, marketing or advertising


Media Planner

Media planners make all of the creative work as effective as possible. You want to know how to make the digital world work for you and your clients. For you, someone’s word isn’t enough—you need to see the numbers. Come find your calling.

Skills and Talents Required:

  • Proficiency using Microsoft Suite (emphasis in Microsoft Xcel)
  • Outstanding attention to detail
  • Curious about Digital Marketing and Search Engine Marketing
  • Detail oriented
  • Background in marketing, public relations, computer science, business or advertising


Social Media

What social media learning curve? Navigating all the top platforms is second nature to you. People come to you knowing that you’ll have the latest on the newest social media trends and have innovative ideas on how to use them in strategic ways.  You know this is you, so don’t tweet about it, be about it.

Skills and Talents Required:

  • Versed in creative and journalism-style writing, photography, image-editing
  • Adept at navigating top 10 social media channels
  • Basic knowledge of social analytics
  • Editing and proofreading skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Excellent communication and presenting skills
  • Background in PR, journalism, creative writing, communication, marketing or advertising

Please send all resumes, CVs, website links, social profiles, and portfolios to Rachael Greenberg at and Myles Rigg at

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Meet our Muggles, er, Summer 14 Interns


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US World Cup Games Were Bigger than NBA Finals or World Series

It’s no secret that every February the Super Bowl is, well, the Super Bowl of advertising platforms. But what about the other fútbol? In America, soccer games haven’t typically been the place to gain exposure…until now.

24.7 million people watched the United States face Portugal in the World Cup, more than any of the five NBA Finals games, which overall averaged 15.5 million viewers, and the same amount that watched the 2010 World Cup Final. This also crushes the number of average viewers during the 2013 World Series between Boston and St. Louis: 10 million. Not far behind is the United States’ last World Cup game against Belgium, drawing 21.2 million viewers, despite taking place at 4p edt on a Tuesday.

BloggraphSo what does this mean for advertising? Finally, the United States had a team that people were excited to watch, and the minimal time differences in Brazil meant games would be on during more accessible times than the 2010 tournament in South Africa. Many iconic companies like Nike, Beats by Dre, and McDonald’s have released multiple-minute long commercials on YouTube, with the shorter versions running on TV. With a commercial break only during halftime for soccer games, companies lean into social and extend the content – and it’s working out well. Nike, which always has a special World Cup edition spot, has gotten over 84+ million views on YouTube for their ad, “Winner Stays.” This more than doubles Adidas’ most popular World Cup ad featuring Lionel Messi titled, “All In or Nothing,” which has racked up 37.2 million views. Nike also has the second most popular YouTube vid with 59.7 million views on its “Last Game” ad, and Adidas is in fourth with its second ad, “House Match” featuring David Beckham. Car companies Kia and Hyundai released ads garnering 8.6 million and 4 million views, respectively. Ads from Beats and McDonald’s round out the list with 8.9 million and 5.4 million views.

The World Cup has always been a big deal, but it’s now monumental in the United States. Karsh Hagan Associate Media Director Dave Moorehouse sees it as a great opportunity for future advertising.

“In 2018, people will actually be looking forward to the World Cup,” he said. “Soccer is kind of that up and coming challenger brand, and a lot of companies will be hitching their wagons to it as they are seeing growth in attendance and TV ratings.”


Blake Miller Account Service Intern

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Adam’s Winning Roasted Salsa Recipe

It was a delicious homemade salsa-taste-off with nearly 20 entries but somebody has to be crowned the winner. Congrats Adam Nelson!


3 medium / large tomatoes

4 jalapeño peppers

1/2 cup chopped onion

4-6 garlic cloves

1 lime

2 tablespoons white vinegar

1-2 tablespoons chopped cilantro

Salt and Pepper to taste


1 – Using a mild flavored wood, smoke the tomatoes and jalapeños over medium high heat for 2-3 hours. The tomato and jalapeño skin should be black and charred.

2 – Remove the stems from the tomato and jalapeños. Remove the seeds of the jalapeño if a milder salsa is desired. Chop smoked veggie’s into quarters.

3 – Combine tomatoes and jalapeños in food processor. Pulse for 20 seconds or so.

4 – Add chopped onion, cilantro, vinegar and garlic to food processor. Pulse for 5 seconds.

5 – Add juice from lime and salt and pepper. Pulse for 2-3 seconds. Add more lime or salt if desired.

6 – Serve

Adam and Tommy mingling at the salsa-taste-off patio party

Adam and Tommy mingling at the salsa-taste-off patio party


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Is 2014 The Year of PR?

I recently attended a PR in 2014: Social, SEO, Media & more… breakfast presentation that was hosted by Business Wire. MC Serena Ehrlich who summed up the year ahead, “2014 is the year of PR and distribution.”

In 1994 it took seven touch points to convert a sale, in 2014 it will take 23 touch points. Sales and PR did not use to be linked. PR was meant to educate and manage reputation. Marketing and advertising handled converting awareness to sales. Those lines might have been straight until social media. Combine those with search engine marketing (SEM) changing daily, and there is a whole new model for success. PR, social and advertising have to be strategically linked through ever phase of the marketing plan. Before launching a new marketing campaign and asking, not expecting, customers to convert you should also consider these extra tips:

  • Produce higher quality content. People see through fluff. Know your audiences, the mediums and the messages. One size does not fit all.
  • Share your news out to your own organization and sales channels internally, even first, before your external audiences.

So is 2014 the year of PR? Only if PR is part of an integrated content and marketing strategy.

photo 1Post By: Camille Heinrich Ziccardi, Sr Account Manager

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