Less Screen Time, More Sunshine


Starting in 2014, Karsh Hagan began creating a new name, logo, messaging and marketing materials to launch Be Colorado’s new kids’ health and fitness program that empowers child-led change within their families.


The brand that resulted was Brussels + Muscles.



What is Be Colorado? It is the wellness program for the CU Health Plan that encourages employees to work out and generally adopt healthier lifestyles. Brussels + Muscles is unique by focusing on the health of children for CU Health Plan members, ages 5 –11, using gaming, tracking and rewards to make sure kids are getting less screen time and more sunshine. By partnering with GeoPalz and ZisBoomBah, two leading kid’s fitness and nutrition programs, Be Colorado’s Brussels + Muscles program gives kids an exciting and fun way to measure their physical activity, learn about healthy food choices and develop healthy habits.


The program officially launched at the Denver Zoo last month and included a scavenger hunt, fun activities, face painting and giveaways.

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We’re very proud to have been recognized this year as an honorable mention at the 2014 Art Directors Club Denver awards for both Design: Broadcast and Design: Logo Development. We look forward to building the Brussels + Muscles brand and finding new and exciting ways to motivate children to lead healthy lives. We want to always keep it fresh. (After all who wants stale Brussels?)


For more information about Brussels + Muscles visit, www.brusselsandmuscles.org.


 By Tarryn Sanchez, Account Coordinator

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Meet the Fall ’14 Intern Heroes

The Fall '14 Interns




The Crimson Creative is known for his fearless design aesthetic and flawless Photoshop executions. As a former design student and AIGA member, the Crimson Creative conquers the digital realm with purpose and technique.


Matt is a recent college grad and newcomer to Colorado. He is an outdoorsman, jet-setter, and Renaissance man that spends his free time painting and playing basketball.


Kelsey Krebsbach




The Accounts Avenger has the ability to be in multiple places at once. She flies between departments in the blink of an eye and coordinates projects with efficiency and innovation.


Kelsey moved to CO when she was 11. You can usually find her lounging in a hammock or shredding the fresh mountain powder. She couldn’t survive without good music, yoga, and Colorado sunshine.




The Copy Kid is known for her abilities to spin words into gold. This top-secret copy specialist was trained at CU and has spent the last four years working undercover as a retail manager.


Allie is a Colorado native with a passion for shoes, the great outdoors, and all things nerdy. She adores the cold weather and is anxiously awaiting the first snow (and hockey season!)






The Communities Commander has the power to strategize effectively and take ideas to the next level. She trains diligently to sharpen her skill set and has garnered a dynamic and powerful range of abilities.


Tori is an advertising student at CU Boulder. This leisure artist spends her time outdoors, in the stands at sporting events, and hunting for Colorado’s best Mexican food.






The Marv Media Planner attained her superhero status at the University of Iowa. In her past life, she dedicated her time to several internships and student organizations. She now aims to use her powers as an intern hero.


Megan is a newly minted Coloradan fresh from Northwest Iowa. She is a giddy adventurer with an affinity for Snapchat selfies and uncovering Colorado’s best-kept secrets.


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2014 Art Directors Club Denver Awards

Wine bottles for the Governor's Tourism Conference

Karsh Hagan won the Top Honors for 3 Dimensional Design.

Karsh Hagan won 3 Top Honors awards at the 2014 Art Directors Club Denver awards this weekend. The work presented at the awards show was incredible and we were thrilled to be surrounded by so many creative and talented people.

KH won the Design: 3 Dimensional award for the wine gift sets we created for Colorado Tourism Office’s Governor’s Tourism Conference. The bottles were laser-etched with an organic pattern using icons that represent the state of Colorado and hand dipped in white wax.

KH took home the award for Brand Development for Stoic & Genuine.

KH took home the award for Brand Development for Stoic & Genuine.

We also took home the Top Honors award for Design: Brand Development for Stoic & Genuine. Inspired by the fresh and modern fare against the historic architecture of Union Station, the identity depicts an octopus wearing the trident as a crown. Both the business cards and gift certificates were inspired by the traditional oyster tag of New England. Read more about the building the identity system here.

The last award we accepted was Web Design for the Karsh Hagan website. We restructured our work portfolio to show integrated case studies to help illustrate who we are and how we build our client’ businesses. The rich imagery, video and storytelling reflect how customers experience our clients’ brands across all media.

Karsh Hagan won Top Honors for Web Design.

Karsh Hagan won Top Honors for Web Design for KarshHagan.com.

KH had a blast at the ADCD Awards show and left feeling inspired. The Art Directors Club Denver is a has been working to foster collaboration and inspiration among existing creatives, elevate local talent and resources, and empower the next generation of creative professionals in Denver since 1955, and we are proud to be a part of it.

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SXSB: Data Visualisation, Holistic UX, & the Modern Browser

I brought a few things back with me from SXSW  this year: 1- an unquenchable desire for Texas BBQ, 2 – an uncontrollable urge to yell ‘NERD‘ when I see people segway-ing around town wearing google glasses, and 3- a wealth of knowledge and re-invigorated passion to do great digital work!  Below are some of my key takeaways from Austin.

Visually Turning Complexity into Clarity: Illustrating data relationships in compelling, intuitive, and beautiful ways.

Vision of Humanity GPI

Vision of Humanity’s Global Peace Index is the world’s leading measure of national peacefulness, based on 22 indicators.

  • Clarity is key. At first glance, the user should be able to take away key data points and feel an intuitive understanding of your visualization (2 second rule).
  • Example #1: Fernanda Vieagas and Martin Wattenberg, who lead google’s “Big Picture” visualization research group in Cambridge, Massachusetts, created Wind Map to show current surface wind data from the National Digital Forecast Database in an easily digestible visualization. They spoke at SXSW about process, technical hurdles, and key insights gained from building this great visualization.
  • Example #2: Vision of Humanity’s Global Peace Index is the world’s leading measure of national peacefulness. The GPI measures peace according to 22 qualitative and quantitative indicators.


    When thinking tablet first it forces the design to be ‘touch optimized’ rather than ‘touch enabled’ #tabletfirst

Holistic UX

  • Create ubiquitous multi-device experiences, with a balance between utility, usability and beauty.
  • Research and understand your customer first. Then design a holistic experience without regard to device or screen size by sketching and storyboarding elaborate user journeys.
  • “The user is a mobile person – not a mobile device – who moves across screens and devices.” -Christian Crumlish, Cloud On
  • Prototype experiences to uncover design flaws and continually iterate your work.

    Have fun. Do good work. Make money. Build business.

    I created this demo to illustrate a brand new css3 feature called ‘background-clip’ using a gif and webfont. Its only currently supported in webkit browsers, so fire up Chrome or Safari and take a look.

The UI Capabilities of the Modern Browser

At SXSW, I learned about all of the newest browser features that allow front-end developers to build incredibly rich and immersive experiences on the web. This is one of my favorite new sites, showcasing what we can do with WebGL and the Web Audio API.


Post by: Andrew Baker, Senior Experience Developer at Karsh Hagan

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Ivy Vaughn: Media Coordinator

Ivy with a cup of coffee

Ivy with her favorite drink, coffee!

We were so impressed with Ivy when she was Media Intern for us in Fall 2013, and we are thrilled to have her back as a Media Coordinator. Ivy is doing amazing work on the CU Denver, CU Boulder, Innovage and VISIT DENVER accounts.

Ivy grew up in Springfield, IL with her parents, three siblings and two dogs, before she heading West to Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. While at Pepperdine, Ivy joined Pi Beta Phi sorority and Sigma Tau Delta, English Honors Society. Ivy spent her sophomore year of college at Pepperdine’s campus in Lausanne, Switzerland. One might call it a “Swim-Ski” curriculum that included a summer seminar in Creative Writing at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge in England. Ivy graduated from Pepperdine with a B.A. in English Literature.

Ivy at the top of the Manitou Incline

Ivy hiking (conquering) the Manitou Incline in Manitou Springs, CO.

After college, Ivy stayed on the West Coast and worked in marketing, advertising, and sales positions at boutique fashion stores in Malibu, Los Angeles and Denver. Before joining Karsh-Hagan, Ivy worked as a Social Media Strategist and Project Manager for a Denver-based PR and Marketing Firm.

When Ivy’s not at work, you will find her running through Wash Park, or going the distance in marathons. To date, Ivy has crossed the line in 5 half-marathons and 2 full marathons. During the winter, you will find Ivy on the slopes. She hasn’t missed a season since her parents put her in ski school at the age of three!

Post by: Tom Hagan, Co-Founder (1977)

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Colorado Tourism – We ♥ Results

KH_newsletter_infoG_moneyFilled with images that awaken the senses, both the summer and winter ‘Come to Life’ campaigns for the Colorado Tourism Office resonated with visitors and created huge results.

The campaign influenced more than $2.6 billion in economic impact for FY 2014, given the number of trips the advertising resulted in and the level of spending by those visitors. The campaign also resulted in an ROI of $344 in travel spending for every $1 invested in paid media.

The Come to Life campaign influenced $2.6 B in economic impact

Last fall we shot photos at The Denver Beer Co to promote the city's breweries scene as well as the city's unique meeting spaces.

Last fall we shot photos at The Denver Beer Co to promote the city’s breweries scene as well as the city’s unique meeting spaces.

Our 20-year client, VISIT DENVER, is also seeing great results. Denver saw a record 14 million overnight visitors in 2013, who spent an all-time high of nearly $4.1 billion.

KH has built an unparalleled expertise in tourism and we are always searching for more opportunities to garner results for our great state.

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