Karsh Hagan Fall Internship

Karsh Hagan is an agency full or artisans, people who are continually learning and perfecting their trade, and are excited to pass on their skills to young learners. Our interns aren’t so much interns as they are apprentices. They will sharpen their skills and work with other like-minded individuals who want to craft their future in the world of advertising.


  • 14 week term
  • Application Deadline: August 21st
  • Start Date: September 14th
  • End Date: December 18th
  • Requires a minimum of 25 hours per week
  • Unpaid, but not un-loved. Course credit available.

We are flexible when it comes to your weekly schedule as long as you meet the 25-hour requirement. Please provide us the days and times you are available during the week along with your resume and cover letter. Karsh Hagan’s office is open from 8:30am-5:00pm Monday through Friday.

Account Service

Those in Account Service have a natural talent for leadership and management as the liaison between the clients and the creative team. You pump-up your team for the next project and make sure they hit every deadline. If you are a self-starter, go-getter, home run-hitter—this position is for you.

Skills and Talents Required:

  • Ability to lead/manage a team
  • Excellent skills in communication, organization, interpersonal relations, and writing
  • Proficient in iOS and Microsoft Suite
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Background in marketing, advertising, public relations, business or communication

Art Director

Art Directors take the lead in creativity. You’re a visual problem solver and an image-centric think tank. If you pride yourself in developing inspiring narratives and bringing them to life, then this is your calling.

Skills and Talents Required:

  • Excellent skills in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator is required)
  • Aesthetic eye for creative work
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Other artistic skills or program knowledge a huge plus (After Effects, Flash, Photography, Physical art, etc.)
  • Experience in graphic design


Copywriters find the narrative behind every product or brand and give it an engaging voice. If you want to create hard-hitting headlines and charming copy, come to KH to sharpen your talents.

Skills and Talents Required:

  • Strong creative writing skills
  • Proficiency in editing and proofreading
  • Excellent communication and presenting skills
  • Background in English, journalism, creative writing, communication, marketing or advertising

Media Planner

Media Planners make all of the creative work as effective as possible. You want to know how to make the digital world work for you and your clients. For you, someone’s word isn’t enough—you need to see the numbers. Come find your calling.

Skills and Talents Required:

  • Proficiency using Microsoft Suite (emphasis in Microsoft Excel)
  • Outstanding attention to detail
  • Curious about Digital Marketing and Search Engine Marketing
  • Detail oriented
  • Background in marketing, computer science, business or advertising

Public Relations

Our Public Relations department gets heard! You can create unique and timely messages that connect with target audiences’ and work your magic to get that message out through influencers’ (media, bloggers, etc.) You are creative, thoughtful, timely, smart and strategic.

Skills and Talents Required:

  • Interest in research and current events
  • Strong writing and editing skills
  • Outstanding in social media communication
  • Detail oriented
  • Background in public relations or marketing

Please send cover letters, resumes, website links, social profiles, entertaining things like favorite GIFs (and, if applicable, portfolios and writing samples) to:

Martha Powers at interns@karsh.com

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Department Dialogues: Accounts

Sitting down with four power players on the Karsh Hagan accounts team, there was a guise of doing serious business. This cover was immediately blown after the first responses had the whole room full of laughter, smiles, and fun. The energy in the room felt like four neuron synapses all firing at once, all connected and playing off one another. As individuals, there’s a lot to learn about Kristin Lee, Caroline Lambert, Martha Powers, and Jenny Brown (pictured left to right), but as a group, there was even more to discover.

Accounts - Department Dialogue Picture

Kristin Lee, Account Supervisor

Kristin loves the sunshine, mountains, breweries, and the people here in CO. She believes all companies should aspire to be like Teddy Roosevelt because he got stuff done. She enjoys things in even numbers, but likes to throw in the occasional odd arrangement for kicks. Her greatest achievement to date is making it this far in life and leaving Flushing, MI behind. Traveling comes naturally to Kristin, and if she could have one thing for free for the rest of her life, it would be airplane tickets.

Caroline Lambert, Account Manager

An account manager here at Karsh, Caroline, originally from Lexington, SC, remembers feeling welcomed the moment she stepped into the office. One of her favorite Karsh memories was when Ashley Roybal brought in a small camping burner to make s’mores in the office. Her likes include the Colorado weather and Italy in general (she studied abroad there.) She’s a friend of calorie-free waffles (if they existed) and a foe of blue cheese. On the clock and off, you can find her with a burger in her hand, just “livin’ the dream.”

Martha Powers, Account Coordinator

Martha hates peas. She will not be bringing them with her if she ever moves to Australia (her dream place) for the animals and the outdoors. The Denver native’s spirit animal is a wolf, which means either she’s a team player or that she has a thing for full moons. Her first memory of Karsh Hagan is visiting a friend who worked here but using the wrong door to get into the building. After finally finding the front entrance and settling in here at Karsh, she’s developed her own brand essence, her signature catch phrase of “We’ll talk.”

Jenny Brown, Account Coordinator

Meerkats. Sandwiches. New Zealand’s population of men. These are the things that Jenny lives for. After fleeing Omaha before they could put her on Nebraska’s Most Wanted, she hid out in Los Angeles for a while before finally calling Colorado home. When not stalking the KH soda machine, she enjoys coordinating accounts, and explaining how “it’s practically Friday” already.

Post by: Ellie Gebhardt, Copywriter Intern

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July à la Mode

Thanks to President Ronald Reagan, we can all celebrate July as National Ice Cream Month. With average Denver temps in the high 80’s in July, there’s nothing that sounds better than a big scoop of mint chocolate chip. Before Otter Pops and Slurpee’s were all the rage, there was a delectable summer treat called ice cream that has been popular longer than you or I have been alive. Ice cream has a flavorful past with the presidents of the United States, and even first lady Dolley Madison served ice cream at the Inaugural Ball in 1813. In 1984, President Reagan declared July as National Ice Cream Month, and more specifically, the 3rd Sunday of July. So, treat yourself this Sunday the 19th (or any other hot day this month) with a scoop of your favorite flavor. Don’t forget extra napkins!

Sources: idfa.orgnationaldaycalendar.com & icecream.com

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Stoic & Genuine’s Award-Winning Brand Identity

Congratulations to the Karsh Hagan team behind the new brand identity of Stoic & Genuine! It’s time to tack up yet another award to the KH wonderwall after HOW magazine selected the brand project as a recognized Merit winner in its International Design Awards. This prestigious international award recognizes excellence in creative work by agencies and individuals from around the world. Selected out of more than a thousand projects, entries were judged by type of work as well as design effectiveness. A logo redesign was incorporated onto the Stoic & Genuine website and menus, which also featured the motto “No ocean. No worries. Fresh seafood flown in daily.” Stellar work by everybody who played a part in the creation of more national quality work by Karsh Hagan.

Project: Stoic & Genuine Brand Identity

Organization: Karen Hofmeister with Karsh Hagan

Creative team: Charlotte Isoline, ECD; Darren Brickel, ACD; Karen Hofmeister, Senior Designer; David Fymbo, Senior Copywriter; Valerie Hawks, Photographer; Shirley Richter, Print Production Manager; Printers: Public Letterpress and Tewell Warren

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Karsh Hagan Campaign Helps InnovAge Tell Stories of Aging with Integrity

It all started with Edna. Edna loves ping-pong and her independence. When a little help was needed, InnovAge provided a caregiver to keep her ping-pong skills sharp while helping her stay in her own home. Edna’s story was the inspiration behind Karsh Hagan’s new campaign for InnovAge, The Independent You.


InnovAge, along with Karsh Hagan, decided to take on the challenge of balancing the safety and comfort of our aging population in order to keep them in the relationships and communities that they have worked so hard to cultivate. Inspired by true accounts of active seniors, Karsh Hagan formatted their strategy around telling these heartwarming tales and how InnovAge creatively solves any problem.

Senior citizens want more than just the independence of staying in their own homes. They want to maintain their lifestyles and continue to participate in the activities they love,” said Carol Quinn, Account Supervisor at Karsh Hagan. “That insight led us to this campaign that brought out the unique personalities of actual InnovAge participants. We’re so proud of the work and couldn’t have asked for a better client team to partner with.”

Profile print advertisements showcasing Earl, Edna, Miles, Rosa, Sofia, and Stan each featured tales of a new outlook thanks to a little support from InnovAge.

To capture the passion and pride demonstrated by each featured story, Karsh Hagan hired the remarkable photography talents of Randal Ford. The results were illuminative images that provide a backdrop of history and familiarity. Thanks to the creativity and insight provided by Karsh Hagan, InnovAge can better offer support to the millions of families who have or will soon have loved ones in need of dignified care. Check out the campaign website, innovagecares.com, and see Edna’s story here.

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