Breaking Golf Ad Conventions

Take a look at the ‘Husher School’ campaign KH developed to promote Colorado’s 2014 BMW Championship golf event, which begins September 2nd. The campaign increased ticket sales, gave Professional-Amateur and sponsorship acquisition a jump start, and created national exposure for the highly anticipated event.

John Elway, Peyton Manning, Chauncey Billups and John Lynch joined ‘Husher School,’ to learn how to use ‘Quiet Please’ signs, and get in on the golf action at Cherry Hills Country Club. Read our blog about making the ads.

“The Husher School campaign broke the conventional approach to golf tournament promotion. We had the opportunity to localize the BMW promotion with world class Colorado athletes that created a buzz in our community and heightened interest in the tournament,” said Pocky Marranzino, Co-President, “At the same time, we coupled the event to the great sports offerings available in Colorado as part of the appeal for people to come visit our great state.”

Since the agency was established in 1977, we have continued to build a reputation for our expertise in travel and tourism. For nearly 40 years, the agency has helped grow travel and tourism brands, including the last 3 years with the Colorado Tourism Office, our 20-year partnership with VISIT DENVER, and Inspirato, Exclusive Resorts, Portico, numerous ski resorts, including Aspen, Steamboat, Loveland, and Beaver Creek, and many more.

Next week’s tournament will bring the world’s top 70 golfers and thousands of spectators to the Mile High City.  The BMW Championship is a professional golf tournament which is the third of four FedEx Cup playoff events on the PGA Tour schedule.  All proceeds from the 2014 BMW championship in Denver will benefit the Evans Scholars Foundation, which awards full tuition and housing college scholarships to caddies.

Check out the Outtakes:

Karsh Hagan Credits:
Account Manager: Emily Rundles
Art Director: Nick Marranzino
Co-Presidents: Pocky Marranzino, Kathy Hagan Brown
Copywriter: Karen Morris
Creative Director: Matt Ingwalson
Director of Broadcast Production: Becky Ferguson

Creative Partners:
Film: Roshambo Films / Jim Elkin
Photos: Bryce Boyer
Sound: Rocky Mountain Recorders / Chris McNaughton
Color: Postmodern
Editor: Tom Welborn

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The Gluten-Free Market & Emily’s Favorite GF Bread

When our intern, Charlotte, was first diagnosed with a gluten intolerance eight years ago, gluten-free bread, cookies and snack bars did not exist. “I remember having to pass on my favorite foods, like stuffing at Thanksgiving and cookies at Christmas.” While the US is late to adopt gluten-free policies like in Italy, Canada, Argentina and other countries around the world, our food and dining industries are quickly jumping on the gluten-free bandwagon.

Number of gluten-free restaurant menu items has increased 29% from '12-'13

In 2013, gluten-free sales reached $10 billion in the US.

Now, the gluten-free market is booming. In 2013, U.S. sales reached $10 billion, according to Mintel.  Gluten-free foods are expected to create a $15.6 billion market by the end of 2016. The food and beverage industry has responded by offering more gluten-free options in restaurants, bars and on shelves. You can now order a gluten-free Domino’s pizza, gluten-free Girl Scout cookies and some breweries even offer gluten-free beer.

Find Me Gluten Free logo

Charlotte uses Find Me Gluten Free app  to point her in the direction of local gluten-free cuisine.

Charlotte relies on apps like Find Me Gluten Free and Gluten Free Fast Food to point her in the direction of local gluten-free cuisine. Did you know Chick-Fil-A’s waffle fries, Taco Bell’s Mexican rice and McDonald’s beef patty (without the bun) are all gluten free?

Our gluten-free Account Manager, Emily Rundles’ go-to app is Yelp. She researches and bookmarks new restaurants that serve gluten-free fare, so she can remember them for later. “You can search pretty much any category of food with ‘gluten-free’ after it,” she says.

Charlotte at the Gluten-Free Fair

Charlotte, social media intern, and her friend at the Gluten-Free Fair

“What’s even better than finding gluten-free food is being able to sample a bunch of gluten-free food all under one roof,” Charlotte said, after her and Emily both attended the Incredible Edible Gluten-Free Food Fair this past weekend at Denver Mart.  Kinnikinnick’s cookies, Glutino’s pretzels and Rudi’s spinach tortillas topped Charlotte’s list.  Emily was pleasantly surprised by Boulder’s Etalia Foods’ gluten-free bread. “It was the best bread I’ve had since I’ve been on a gluten-free diet.” Etalia offers true Italian bread options that are missing in the market, including ciabatta bread, pizza dough and Emily’s favorite, a rustic boule, “the kind of bread you see at whole foods, but wouldn’t dare go near, for fear of a moment of weakness and eating the entire loaf.”

Photo of people trying gluten-free goodies at the fair.

Kinnikinnick’s cookies, Glutino’s pretzels, Rudi’s spinach tortillas and Etalia Foods’ bread were all hits at the Gluten-Free Fair.

Many restaurants and brands are getting creative with their gluten-free offerings, as the trend continues to soar. Those who haven’t jumped on the bandwagon quite yet should consider putting gluten-free options on their shelves or menus, because they soon will be left in the dust (almond flour dust, that is).

We’re left wondering why grocery stores don’t make the GF-UX easier by designating 1-2 aisles exclusively? That would be a definitive reason to choose them over the competition for sure.

Post by: Charlotte Letson, Social Media Intern, and Emily Rundles, Account Manager

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Brands and the Future of Technology

The KH Team at SXSW

The KH Team at the 2014 SXSW conference

From smart contacts to emotion-sensing technology, Lauren Curler, Account Director, blew our minds when she shared with us what technology will soon be available for brands to leverage. We sent Lauren and five other Karshie’s to SXSW, where they saw Contagious Magazine Co-Founder, Paul Kemp-Robertson, and Leo Burnett Global Head of Social and Mobile, James Kirkham, take a look at the most significant technological innovations that will redefine how brands will connect with people in the future.  Let’s recap what we learned from Lauren about emerging technology and how brands are using it to meet user needs and solve problems in ways that will weave them into the fabric of consumers’ everyday lives.

Google Contact Lens

Google is in the process of developing a contact lens that measures glucose levels.

Contact lenses that measure glucose levels and sensors embedded in the skin that monitor the user’s vitals are just two examples of epidermal electronics. This technology could dramatically reduce the need for frequent visits to the doctor’s office. Doctors will be able to monitor patients’ vitals and prescribe supplements while they are at home.

People will soon be able to try on clothes virtually and feel the texture of the fabric before they buy an item online. Haptic technology, which reproduces touch sensations by applying forces and vibrations to the user, is creating many opportunities like this for brands to differentiate themselves.

Logbar's Ring

Logbar is developing Ring, a wearable input device that allows users to shortcut just about anything with finger gestures.

Logbar is developing Ring, a wearable input device that allows users to shortcut just about anything with finger gestures. Users will be able to gesture to smart devices and appliances to do things like turn on the lights, make payments and send messages. Gestural technology is quickly advancing and will enable many types of brand platform interactions like this in the future.

These technological developments and more are closer than we realize. Brands need to be prepared to embrace emerging technology in order to enhance their customers’ brand experience, deliver value or solve a problem – while also respecting when and where to insert technology into people’s lives.

Post by: Brooke Olson, Community Manager

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The Identity Behind Stoic & Genuine

The logo over Stoic & Geniune's front doors.

The organic curves of the logo mirror Union Station’s arch-topped windows and crown moulding within the space.

We were thrilled that Stoic & Genuine, the new Seafood and Oyster Bar at the revitalized Denver Union Station, asked us to create their brand identity from start to finish.

The KH team collaborated with the restaurant team and architects to create an artful representation of the Stoic & Genuine experience through logo design, color, menus, coasters, the website and more—keeping the intimate and energetic feel of the restaurant in mind.

Branded menu and cards

Branded menu and cards. The colors reflect the allure of the sea along with the rich wood, brick and metal within the restaurant.

Karen Hofmeister, Senior Graphic Designer at Karsh Hagan, created the Stoic & Genuine logo and brand system. Inspired by the fresh and modern fare against the historic architecture of Union Station, the identity depicts an octopus wearing the trident as a crown. The organic curves of the logo mirror Union Station’s arch-topped windows and crown moulding within the space. The colors reflect the allure of the sea along with the rich wood, brick and metal within the restaurant.

Stoic & Genuine sustainably sources their oysters from both coasts and flies fresh seafood in daily…yep, you read that right…daily. That’s what inspired Dave Fymbo to create the fitting tag-line, “No ocean. No worries.”

View of the umbrellas with the logo on them in front of the square

Next time you’re in Wynkoop Plaza at Union Station, look for the branded umbrellas behind the fountains.

Using the look and feel Karsh Hagan created for the restaurant, the interactive team worked together to create the Stoic & Genuine website. The team focused on the beauty and freshness of the food when building the site, because that is what the Stoic & Genuine is all about.

Throughout the branding process, the team kept the vibrant feel and the fresh fare in mind to create a cohesive and unique brand to represent the restaurant in the best way possible.

Our Photographer

Our photographer, Valerie Hawks, shooting before the crowds arrived for National Oyster Day

The Team:

  • Dave Fymbo: Copywriter
  • Valerie Hawks: Photographer
  • Andrea Goodlin: Graphic Designer, Website
  • Andrew Baker: Senior Experience Developer
  • Darren Brickel: Associate Creative Director
  • Charlotte Isoline: VP, Creative & Brand Strategy
  • Karen Hofmeister: Senior Graphic Designer, Identity System


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