Meet Parker Weber, our new VP, Media Director

Parker Weber, a Colorado native, and CU-Boulder Alumn has a calming demeanor that combined with a thoughtful and strategic mindset, makes for a great Media Director. Parker decided to join us after 13 years in NYC and expressed excitement on returning to her hometown where she can enjoy family BBQ’s, sing-alongs around the campfire and of course, raise her 22-month-old daughter in the beautiful state of Colorado.


We sat down with Parker to get to know her and her background a little better. Here is what we found out.

Why did she choose to work for Karsh Hagan?

Parker took her time and put a lot of effort into planning her next career move. Spending most of her work life at full-service agencies, she learned and believes that the best way to do business is to work directly with your creative and account team. She wasn’t ready to compromise on her position, so when she got the call about the director position at Karsh Hagan she felt like she won the lottery. From the start, she believed Karsh Hagan was the perfect fit for her. She feels lucky to be working here (we feel fortunate to have you too!).

Her approach to integration: paid media + social + PR + content?

Parker believes that integration comes easily and naturally when you put your client’s business problems at the center of everything you do. Solutions should be approached from the angle of complete channel agnosticism so that there’s no bias on the solution being delivered, and more so about whatever is the smartest and most efficient way to put a plan together. Having a culture at an agency where integration is supported is key.

What she hopes to accomplish this year at Karsh Hagan and in 3 years?

From a client perspective, she wants to WOW them with smart plans and continues to build on opportunities that will grow their business.

From a department perspective, she wants to support and foster all the great talent at Karsh Hagan. Parker’s been extremely impressed by all the people in the department – from the quality of their work, their skills, and how everyone is professional but fun to work with.

Odd, but great work habit:

She has anxiety when it comes to being on time.  Typically, Parker is always one of the first people sitting in a room at least five minutes before the meeting starts.

What she wants you to know:

That she will always come to the table with a strong point of view, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be convinced otherwise. She will always have an open mind and is eager to hear other perspectives.

Welcome to the family, Parker!

-Jen Illescas, Senior PR & Content Manager 

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Why Ad Blocking is Good for the Modern Marketer


Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 5.02.43 PM.png

Photo Credit: blog.demandware


In digital advertising, technology is always top of mind. Agencies and tech companies often struggle to find a healthy balance between positive ad experiences and publisher accountability. Now that ad blocking is on the rise, we find ourselves reinventing our media strategies to combat resistant users. After countless hours of research, webinars and sales calls, we’ve decided that ad blocking is good.

Here is what you need to know.

  1. Approximately 16 percent of the online US population have ad blocking software (up 41 percent year over year).
  2. 18-29-year-old males are most likely to use ad blockers.
  3. Consumers spend approximately 87 percent of their time on mobile devices using apps. Ad blockers are not implemented in the apps.
  4. An estimated loss of global revenue due to blocked advertising in 2015 was $21.8 billion; $5.8 of which was in the US. 

Why is this good for us?

  1. Users who are downloading ad blockers have proven to be a disengaged audience, and therefore we don’t want to target them and waste impressions and dollars.
  2. By having the disengaged removed, our digital banners have the ability to be served to a more affluent audience. The affluent audience is good because they are more willing to take action.
  3. With the standard desktop, mobile and tablet ads having the possibility of being blocked, we are forced to develop innovative ad executions. These must not only dodge blocking technology but also deliver a positive ad experience.

Ad blocking requires us to be more creative and strategic. We are forced outside of the standard digital executions in efforts to cheat the (ad blocking) system and deliver the highest quality ad formats. In other words, media mavens alike will now be in hunger games like a war where only the ‘fittest’ ads survive the marketplace. May the ads be ever in your favor.

-Christina Sokol, Digital Media Strategist 

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Now accepting applications for our fall internship program

Karsh Hagan is an agency full or artisans, people who are continually learning and perfecting their trade and are excited to pass on their skills to young learners. Our interns aren’t so much interns as they are apprentices. They will sharpen their skills and work with other like-minded individuals who want to craft their future in the world of advertising.


  • 14-week term
  • Application Deadline: August 5th
  • Start Date: September 19th
  • End Date: December 22nd
  • Requires a minimum of 25 hours per week
  • Unpaid, but not un-loved. Course credit available

We are flexible when it comes to your weekly schedule as long as you meet the 25-hour requirement. Please provide us the days and times you are available during the week along with your resume and cover letter. Karsh Hagan’s office is open from 8:30 am-5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Account Service

Those in Account Service have a natural talent for leadership and management as the liaison between the clients and the creative team. You pump-up your team for the next project and make sure they hit every deadline. If you are a self-starter, go-getter, home run-hitter—this position is for you.

Skills and Talents Required:

  • Ability to lead/manage a team
  • Excellent skills in communication, organization, interpersonal relations, and writing
  • Proficient in iOS and Microsoft Suite
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Background in marketing, advertising, public relations, business or communication

Art Director

Art Directors take the lead in creativity. You’re a visual problem solver and an Image-Centric think tank. If you pride yourself in developing inspiring narratives and bringing them to life, then this is your calling.

Skills and Talents Required:

  • Excellent skills in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator is required)
  • Aesthetic eye for creative work
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Other artistic skills or program knowledge a huge plus (After Effects, Flash, Photography, Physical art, etc.)
  • Experience in graphic design


Copywriters find the narrative behind every product or brand and give it an engaging voice. If you want to create hard-hitting headlines and charming copy, come to KH to sharpen your talents.

Skills and Talents Required:

  • Strong creative writing skills
  • Proficiency in editing and proofreading
  • Excellent communication and presenting skills
  • Background in English, journalism, creative writing, communication, marketing or advertising

Media Planner

Media Planners make all of the creative work as effective as possible. You want to know how to make the digital world work for you and your clients. For you, someone’s word isn’t enough—you need to see the numbers. Come find your calling.

Skills and Talents Required:

  • Proficiency using Microsoft Suite (emphasis in Microsoft Excel)
  • Outstanding attention to detail
  • Curious about Digital Marketing and Search Engine Marketing
  • Detail oriented
  • Background in marketing, computer science, business or advertising

Public Relations

Our Public Relations department gets heard! You can create unique and timely messages that connect with target audiences’ and work your magic to get that message out through influencers’ (media, bloggers, etc.) You are creative, thoughtful, timely, smart and strategic.

Skills and Talents Required:

  • Interest in research and current events
  • Strong writing and editing skills
  • Outstanding in social media communication
  • Detail oriented
  • Background in public relations or marketing

Application Instructions

Please send cover letters, resumes, website links, social profiles, entertaining things like favorite GIFs (and, if applicable, portfolios and writing samples) to:

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Karsh Hagan Promotes Liz Walsh to Senior Account Manager


Liz Walsh has been promoted from Account Manager to Senior Account Manager at Karsh Hagan and will start this new position today. Liz has been at Karsh Hagan for more than a year and will shift full-time to the CU Denver accounts.

“Liz has demonstrated intelligent leadership and brand development prowess on TDAI and CU Denver,” said Lauren Curler, Group Account Director at Karsh Hagan. “We constantly hear from her clients how much of a star Liz is. She’s already a valued team member, and now we are giving her the opportunity to mature her management responsibilities. We are excited to see her further influence and guide our younger teammates.”

“Making the decision to move to Colorado and join the Karsh Hagan team has been tremendous for me. The team here is welcoming, and my managers have provided me with countless opportunities to continue to grow. I’m excited to start defining the rest of the path for my career,” said Liz Walsh, Senior Account Manager at Karsh Hagan. “The outgoing and upbeat culture of the people and the organization keeps me excited to come to work each day.”

Karsh Hagan is proud of Liz and is excited to see her grow within the agency.


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We launched a new website for Tryba Architects

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.17.24 AM
We’re excited to announce the launch of
The award-winning Denver-based architecture firm has been responsible for many of Denver’s most iconic structures, like the Denver Botanic Gardens, the Crawford Hotel at Union Station, and History Colorado Center in addition to civic, private and commercial works throughout major cities in North America. 
When kicking off the project, we immediately felt in sync due to our two firms’ related approach to projects. We are both driven by understanding user needs, the necessary functions of structures/sites, expressing the clients’ unique personality and vision, the structures that will support this vision, meticulous design, and finishing with exceptional quality details. 
Overall, the site design reflects the firm’s classic but modern brand identity. 
The site features
  • large format video and photography showcasing the firm’s work
  • a glimpse into the firm’s process, passion, and people
  • a sortable portfolio experience
Since images were an important part of their storytelling, we paid special attention when developing the mobile responsive elements to retain the integrity of these visuals.
Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.16.54 AM
In the end, Tryba doesn’t just design buildings; they create places that are a part of the fabric of the block, neighborhood or community. We don’t just design websites, we create ways for our clients to meaningfully connect with their people, and it’s just one piece of a larger system. Both of our organizations have deep roots in Colorado and a passion for working with Colorado clients.
Take a look at our work with Tryba and get to know the projects that have contributed to the responsible, yet the beautiful development of our city.
-Lauren Curler, Group Account Director 
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Denver is becoming a digital economy hub

Recently, the U.S. Chamber ranked the top 25 cities that are ready to become digital economy hubs. Denver was ranked #3! This doesn’t surprise us since Denver is booming with innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Innovation seems to always have been a part of the culture. Perhaps it connects back to Colorado’s pioneering spirit, an open place where anything might be possible with hard work.

digital hub.

From the latest productivity app to the future of marketing automation, Denver has a lot to offer. Here is a list of just some things that Denver has to offer.

  1. Brush up on skills at BDW boulder digital works 
  2. Attend community events like Denver Start Up Week or Develop Denver
  3. Access great development firms like Pivotal and Mode Set 
  4. Find office space with like-minded people and developer training at Galvanize
  5. Live an entrepreneurial  outdoor adventurous lifestyle: climb a 14er, backcountry ski, bike the triple bypass 
  6. Find your electronic solutions at Arrow
  7. National digital marketing agencies like Karsh Hagan that can help you market your technology product

At KH we’ve known this for a long time (we’ve been in Denver for almost 40 years) but it’s fantastic to see more public recognition for the potential in Denver.

-David Stewart, VP, Creative Technology Director and Nikki Baker, Digital Media Supervisor 


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