Our Best of 2012 List

With 2013 just around the corner, and us Karshies being somewhat experts in good, entertaining ads, we asked around to the best and brightest for the BEST ADS OF 2012! Read on…

Matt Ingwalson—Creative Director

 Steiff – Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

So hard to answer. So much great stuff this year. The Internet has made our jobs so much better. No more 30-second shackles. Just make things awesome. I’m going with this one. A spec ad for Steiff teddy bears. Made my heart race. Made me cry. And then cheer. And really, really made me want to go buy my kid yet another teddy bear:


Linds Johnson—Media Supervisor

Volkswagen – It’s Not The Miles

How can you not laugh along and feel happy?  It’s simple, contagious, and pure joy.  It has nothing to do with cars, or does it?  They tied a “sharing component” to it at the link ahead for current VW car owners or past/future owners to talk about how much they love their VWs and how they’re living life, or where they’re going in this game of life, HOW VW is taking them there: http://why.vw.com/stories

Powerful branding, without a hard sell.


Megan Niklawski—Senior Account Manager

Sprint TV – Data Sharing

The way they address the issue of family data sharing really pains the viewer. Not only is sharing data a pain, but they add other unfortunate issues (hair loss, dental work, etc.) to the mix which is humorous – but makes you realize that Sprint can make EVERYTHING better.


Nike – Find Your Greatness

Inspiring – they’re (finally) embracing the fact that they are the brand for ALL types of athletes with all types of goals – not just professionals. By doing so, they possibly converted thousands (millions??) of prospects and and likely increased the loyalty of current customers significantly. They’re connecting with the public and I bet it’s working. It worked for me.


Karen Heydman—Director of Production Services

(Not from 2012, but we’ll let this one slide since it’s pretty good!) It shows a guy talking to a little girl – less than 10 years old – who is sitting in the driver’s seat of his car getting ready to drive off for the first time. He’s giving her fatherly advice like not to text and drive and wear her seatbelt blah blah, then when the shot cuts back to the car the little girl has become a young lady who really is getting ready to drive off for the first time. Very cute.


Hugo Meyer—Director of Interaction Design

State Farm – State of Imitation

I don’t watch many ads but I always got a kick out of the State Farm Discount Double Check.


David Stewart—VP Interactive

VW – The Force

I liked the VW Darth Vader commercial for super bowl. I thought it nailed their target the 35-45 family, who probably loved star wars as a kid and their kids now love it also.

It’s also fun to make kids think some of the movie magic might be true, where kids can be dreamers and just be kids and parents get to relive those moments.

Kathryn Bass—Senior Copywriter

1800Contacts.com – Special Eyes

It’s ridiculous, but this “over dramatic dramatization” always makes me laugh–such over-acting!


Camille Ziccardi—Account Manager

Samsung Galaxy S III – Work Trip

My current favorite TV commercial is in fact one of the Samsung Galaxy S III “The next big thing is here” spots. The “Work Trip” ad has gotten some bad rap about overtly promoting sex videos, but I think it was a very clever way for Samsung to break through the mobile clutter. If people haven’t seen it, the commercial begins with a man leaving for a business trip. His little girls wirelessly transmit a video they made for their dad to watch on the plane. Before the taxi leaves, his wife also transmits a video and warns “he probably shouldn’t watch it one the plane.”  The surprised look on the husband’s face is priceless and always makes me laugh.


M&M – I’m Sexy and I Know It

It’s PG and I love the cute “wiggle”.


Jim Morrissey—Associate Creative Director

Red Bull – Stratos

To the general public this wasn’t a moon landing. Or the fall of the Berlin wall. But in the ad world, Red Bull Stratos was a defining moment in our history.

1. The content is amazing and is equally align to the benefit of the brand. (hard to pull off)

2. It’s great storytelling. Would he live? Would he burn on impact? We held our breath and waited.

3. Blah, blah, blah…here are the cool facts that showed it was a game-changer. According to ABC News, besides YouTube, the jump was shown by more than 40 TV stations and 130 digital outlets. Red Bull’s Facebook post-jump photo of Baumgartner gained almost 216,000 likes, 10,000 comments and over 29,000 shares within 40 minutes, and half the worldwide trending topics on Twitter were related to Red Bull Stratos.

Lindsay Koehler—Account Supervisor

Little Caesars – Fishing

In today’s world of premium toppings, Napoletana style vs. deep dish, 30 minutes or less, Little Caesars is reminding us they exist, and they’re only $5 all the time – don’t order in advance, just show up for tasty pizza. Laugh out loud random and hysterical.

Old Milwaukee – Super Bowl Ad

After sitting through commercial break after commercial break during the 2012 Super Bowl, the glossy, highly strategic, touching and funny ads start to blend together. THEN – out comes Will Ferrell with something to say, or not, about an old school beer brand – Old Milwaukee. Just enjoy.

Nikki Burmaster—Media Planner

Google had a really fantastic one this year (I still can’t make it through without getting teary).


Written by: Matt Ingwalson, Linds Johnson, Megan Niklawski, Hugo Meyer, David Stewart, Kathryn Bass, Camille Ziccardi, Jim Morrissey, Karen Heydman, Nikki Burmaster, and Lindsay Koehler

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